Essie Nail Polish

I don’t paint my nails often because I find they end up chipping a couple days after I do so. I even tried gel polish that you only need the top coat to cure with and that didn’t even last as long as I would have liked it to.

So, I decided to try Essie brand nail polish and I LOVE it! It lasts a lot longer than other brands I have tried and the line has beautiful colors. I decided to buy two, a gray and a mint color, because I knew autumn was coming and I just love the color mint. The gray one is called Cocktail Bling and the mint one is called Yespadrilles. Cocktail Bling comes out as a light gray/purplish color and dries shiny. Yespadrilles comes out as a green/minty color and dries as a matte, so if you don’t like the matte style I would not go for this one.
I also picked up a top coat (Good to Go) and base coat (Grow Stronger). When using a top coat, I love when I can just put a few coats on and go. Well, with this top coat you can do just that. It dries extremely fast and I don’t have to worry about ruining my nails. The base coat is amazing too. Before using the base coat, I had nails that would break all the time. But now, I have noticed that my nails seem stronger and don’t break as easily.
This nail polish looks awesome on my nails and they come off really easy when you are ready to paint your nails again. I am now hooked and want to buy and try out more of the line’s colors. I would definitely recommend trying this brand, especially if you encounter the same problems I do when painting your nails. Let me know what you think.

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