October Favorites/Haul

It’s that time of the month again. No not that time…lol! It’s my monthly favorites/haul post. Here are the many things I have been loving and accumulating over the month of October. I will include a list of links at the end so you can find/buy these products yourself if you want to try them out 🙂


Beauty/Skin Care

6fea69_0eadfbd3a5fb4d0f9c66be583a4ef950Maybelline BROW Define + Fill Duo Eyebrow Pencil: I love this thing! It is in the same line as the eyebrow wand that Maybelline has, but in pencil form. It comes in different shades depending on the color of your eyebrows, which is nice; I got mine in Auburn. I always have a hard time finding the right shade to fill-in my eyebrows with and finding one in this brand was super easy. It is also in a two-step process. One end is the pencil that you fill-in your eyebrows with light strokes. The other end is a powder that fills-in your eyebrows fully.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: This stuff is amazing! I always have the problem with my makeup not staying put and this powder has eliminated that problem. It sets my foundation and concealer really well. I also like that it comes in a translucent shade, if you will, because I don’t want extra color on my face; that is what my foundation is for. This powder also comes in other shades if you do want some extra color on your face.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Daydream: I have been a fan of Tanya Burr for awhile and now have extended that love to her products. This lip gloss is great! I wanted to get a nude shade, especially for daytime makeup looks, because I have so many bright and bold shades in my collection. It goes on with ease, the applicator wand is shaped well, and smells amazing. I can’t really describe the scent other than fruity. The only down side to this formulation is that it’s kind of sticky.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: I hate putting liquid foundation or BB Cream on my face using my hands and this sponge allows me to not do so. It’s small and compact, which is nice for travel or everyday use. It also has three sides; rounded sides for larger surfaces, flat side for under the eyes, and a pointed side for blemishes. These sides make it easier to use. I tend to use the flat side the most because it’s just easier for me. Like beauty gurus say (which I definitely am not), you can use your beauty tools for multiple things.

Zoella Beauty Wonder Hand Moisturizing Hand Cream: I have raved about Zoe’s bath products in the past, but now I have yet another item to rave about. When she announced that she was bringing out a travel-sized product in her videos I was ecstatic. I love her body lotion and I wanted one that I could throw in my purse and bring with me. Now I do! This stuff works wonders! If you’re like me and your skin gets super dry in the winter months, this is the stuff for you. It is the same scent as the body lotion and is just as buttery smooth. I use it everyday.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Peachy Glow Cheek Palette: I bought this product because I mainly needed a blush, but thought why not have two other products as well. The palette contains a bronzer, blush, and highlighter and has a cute mirror. The blush is beautiful, but I thought it would be more peachy like it showed online. Just goes to show you that you can’t really go off the pictures you see. I also like the highlighter. I have never used a highlighter, I should say a powder formulation , before but now I’m never not going to use one after this. I love it! Now, the bronzer I’m not too hot on. I tried it and it’s too dark for my complexion and I had a hard time making it look natural, which is unfortunate.

YesTo Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Wipes: Lately, I have been breaking out like crazy and needed something to remedy the situation. Target had this great Cartwheel coupon for 40% off anything in the brand line and I took advantage. I got these wipes and two other products, one of which I will talk about next. Now, you would think that these would smell like tomatoes but thank goodness they don’t…lol! They have a very fresh smell. They are also good at getting pretty much all your makeup off. The one thing I do like about this product is that they aren’t soaking wet. I have bought wipes in the past and have felt like I needed to wring them out before using them.

YesTo Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser: I have heard that charcoal is great for clearing out pores, hence why I bought this product. I swear I have the biggest pores on the planet and I feel like I have to constantly keep them clean. Well, I hope this product will do the trick. I have only used it once so I can’t give a definitive or great review, but so far I like it. It has the same scent as the wipes and contains little bits of charcoal to help exfoliate the skin. The one thing I’m not a big fan of is that it’s got a watery consistency so you have to be careful when squeezing it out of the container.



6fea69_1053ef4319bd4eeebfd75ff9c2700dcaTrrltz Bracelets: I saw these when I was shopping in Target one day and thought why not?! They had different themes; I decided to get some Halloween ones and an elephant one. What more can I say about these other than they are cute accessories to have?

Mad Love Booties: I had been looking for some ankle boots for awhile now, but just couldn’t find any that I liked or ones that I didn’t have to spend an arm and leg on. I finally came across these and fell in love. Again, I had a good Cartwheel coupon and got them for I believe 30% off. They are brown, but do come in other colors. They are also really comfortable and warm for the winter months.

ImPRESS Press-On Nails: I have been using these for years when I just don’t want to paint my nails; a.k.a. I’m too lazy to do anything with my nails. They are great for special occasions or everyday and last for about a week to ten days. They are easy to apply and come with step-by-step instructions on how to do so. They also come in different styles.

Merona Hat (similar): I’m not usually a hat person, unless it’s a beanie, because I just don’t think I look good in hats. I love this hat! It’s a felt material and looks great with just about anything I wear. I got it mostly because I wanted something other than a beanie to wear during the fall months.

Merona Sweaters: I love wearing sweaters when it starts to get cold outside. I wanted to get some that were less bulky so I could layer. I came across these and fell in love. They come in various designs and colors and I really wanted to get them all. I settled on a gray/taupe one and a blue one.

Star Wars Onesie: I am a big Star Wars fan and a onesie fan. The funny thing is that I was looking for a character onesie so I could wear it for Halloween but then I decided on this one because I decided I was going to stay home for the holiday. I absolutely love this onesie! It has both the dark side and the light side (Jedis) patterned on it. It also is the coziest, warmest pajamas I think I’ve ever owned.



Gabbie Lindley


The Michalaks


TV Shows



Code Black 




Great British Baking Show 


Once Upon a Time 



Fruit Farm Frenzy 


Cradle of Empires 


Trivial Pursuit & Friends 




I hope you enjoyed reading about what I was loving throughout the month of October. Let me know what you loved during the month 🙂






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