February/March Favorites

Okay, so I was super busy in February and didn’t have time to compile a list of things I loved/liked. This will be a combo of both February and March. I hope you enjoy! 



6fea69_ae15f448ffe441c4b0e021f8b87b6533Tangle Teezer: I have been having issues with knotty hair all my life. I also have had issues with fall out for like ever. I have tried everything under the sun to help with both. I’ve tried combs. I’ve tried brushes. None have worked as well as this product. It doesn’t yank at my hair and therefore doesn’t pull out as much hair as the combs and brushes I’ve used in the past. It’s easy to use and feels very comfortable in my hand. It’s my new favorite beauty tool 🙂

Ulta Cream Blush Stick: I already did a first impressions of this product in my Ulta Haul post. But now that I have used it a few more times, I can still say that I enjoy using this product. The formula is great; it just glides on easily. Like I said in the haul post, it blends well and gives me that little bit of color. In fact, I just bought a new color the other day because I love it soo much 🙂

OGX Vitamin B Spray: You all know that I LOVE OGX as a brand and I have now just added another product to that love list. This spray is amazing! I received it in one of my ipsy Glam Bags and I’m glad I did. You spray it in your hair before blow drying it and then after to keep your hair hydrated and looking shiny. I’m telling you, this stuff does wonders for my hair. Sometimes I like to blow dry my hair and not wash it for the next few days after that and this spray helps in that process. Usually when I blow dry my hair, it comes out looking like a huge bird’s nest. I sprayed this in my hair and it turned out looking straight and sleek. There were hardly any frizzies or stray bits sticking out. It was great. It also smells amazing! (I really need to come up with some more adjectives, haha!) It kind of has a fruity, just walked out of the salon scent to it. I love it! 

Harry’s Razors: I love this razor. It is actually made for men, but why should that stop me from using it? 🙂 I originally bought this for my brother and father, but neither shave that much so I decided to take it off their hands. The great thing about the product is that you get a whole kit when you buy it. It comes with extra blades, shaving cream and/or gel, and a travel/shower container that goes around the blade. It’s easy to use and gets a really close shave. I like it better than most women’s razors.

Suave Kids Detangler Spray: Like I said above, I have always had the knottiest hair. I used to use this as a kid and now I am using it as an adult because it really works. I just spray it all over my hair and it does the trick; in conjunction with my Tangle Teezer of course 🙂 It smells great (smells like green apples) and really is just an easy product to use.


Mossimo Backpack Purse: I also did a post on this purse. It holds everything I need. I tend to overfill my purses to the point where it gets too heavy to carry on my shoulder. With this one, I can just throw it on my back and it’s not a problem. I literally could still throw soo much more in it because there is still a ton of room.
Mossimo Overalls: I know I have mentioned these in a favorites post before, but I wore these a ton in February. They are so comfortable and just soo easy to wear. I literally just have to throw a shirt on and these on and I’m done.
H&M High Top Shoes: I have been wearing these a ton. They are so comfortable and were really the only shoes I wore throughout the month of March. I love the color and the design of them. They look good with just about anything I wear, which is good because it’s hard to choose what shoes to wear sometimes.
H&M High-Waist Jeans: I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit my body shape. Because I’m soo tall and have curves, it’s difficult finding jeans that are long enough while also fitting around my hips. When I found these, I was like “This is a miracle!” I also was tired of wearing jeans with a low-waist because I find them uncomfortable. These jeans are perfect. They are so comfortable and fit great.


Emmas Rectangle/Rec: This YouTuber is great. I love watching her makeup tutorials. She makes them easy to follow. She has a great personality and she is super hilarious. 

Grace Helbig: You all probably know by now that I LOVE Grace Helbig. She is hilarious and sarcastic and just everything. I love that she just has that ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Her videos on YouTube are hilarious and her books are too.

Saccone-Jolys: I love this family. The YouTube channel is run by the husband, Jonathan, and is just about the family’s life. The kids are adorable. It’s just a lighthearted experience watching them. Jonathan recently updated the channel with new intros and outros and it’s amazing. I love the new edits.

Mark Ferris: I know I said this about all these people, but I absolutely LOOOOVVVVEEEE this guy. He does the funniest things on his channel. It’s always a surprise. My favorite thing about his channel are his vlogs, especially the ones when he’s at Zoe and Alfie’s (Zoella and PointlessBlog) place. Zoe and Mark have the best time together and it’s always full of laughing. You literally sit there laugh/crying with them. It’s great 🙂



Genies & Gems: I have been obsessed with this app since February. If you like Bejeweled or any other match three game out there, then you will love this game. There are tons of levels to go through and I like that there is a story to follow. 



Serial Podcast: I am usually late to the game on soo many things and there is no exception here. I have been listening to the Serial podcast since the end of February and recently just finished the first season and started the newest season. I love this kind of stuff; you know the trying to figure out what’s going on and putting the clues together. I play it when I’m at work and it makes the day fly by. 



Stephano’s Italian Cuisine: My family and I went here for birthday dinner in February and now it’s my new favorite restaurant. It is a local eatery that has a variety of Italian food, duh, but there are few other types of food on the menu as well. My favorite thing to get here is the pizza. You get a whole pizza to yourself and you can add a variety of toppings. The best thing about it is that it’s thin crust, which has become my favorite type of crust. 

H&M: I love this store, which you probably can tell from not only this post but also my haul post. Everything here is soo cute, wearable, and relatively inexpensive. I have already done three shopping sprees here and they probably won’t be the last. 



The O.C.: This was one of my favorite TV shows in high school and I was soo happy to find out that the The CW Seed app had all the seasons available. I have been watching it like crazy. It is your typical high school soap opera/drama show; much like One Tree Hill (which is also a really good show).

Lucifer: This is my favorite current TV show on the air right now. Without giving away too much, it is about a man (Lucifer Morningstar played by Tom Ellis from Miranda fame (go check it out on Hulu)) who is the devil and becomes a consultant for the local police department in L.A. He partners up with a woman on the force (Chloe Decker played by Lauren German from Chicago Fire fame (go check that show out too)) to solve crimes. I absolutely love shows where I can solve crimes and mysteries and there is no exception with this one. I also love that there is comedy and sarcasm/snark thrown in 🙂


Let me know if you try out any of the products or what your favorites were for the month of February/March 🙂




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