Book Review~Bloom by Estee Lalonde

If you are not familiar with Estée Lalonde, she is a YouTube star, blogger and British transplant from Canada. I felt that this book was just an extension of her blog and YouTube channel. But it was also soo much more. I got to read a different side of her that she hasn’t shared anywhere else. It was like reading a diary and it felt so special to read about her life growing up and her journey to where she is now. I don’t know about you, but when I watch a celebrity or a non-traditional celebrity, like Estée, I feel a connection. It’s like I’ve known this person for a very long time, and vice versa. So, reading this book was a great experience for me.
Let’s talk about the book itself. Estée has a beautiful writing style. The stories and writing flow very well together.  The pages are beautiful. The book is set up into different sections and each section is a different color. These colors are beautiful pastels and the aesthetic of it when you look through it is just really pleasing. Plus, it looks amazing on the shelf 🙂

I touched a little bit on her writing, but I thought I would go a little further. I have not been watching and following Estée for a super long time, maybe going on a year now, but just fell in love with her all over again while reading. Her personality just exudes through and through. When reading, I could just hear her voice. It was like I was listening to her read her story to me. I didn’t imagine I would be reading what I read when I picked this book up. She has been through soo much, and a lot of it relatable. Some of it, stuff I haven’t experienced myself. I feel that I have a similar mindset, style, and opinion as her. That could be why I just can’t get enough of Estée 🙂
Let’s move on to my favorite part(s), shall we? I would have to say that I didn’t have just one favorite section of this book. It all was just so lovely to read. It was great to learn about how she got her start in the beauty and YouTube world. I found that her journey was kind of similar to mine. We both fell in love with makeup and wanted to start sharing our thoughts and what we have learned to the world. Another part I loved was the People section. She talks about many influences and people in her life that have shaped her. She talks about her family and friends and when reading I could tell that they are very important to her, much like myself. She writes about her brother and how close they are and were when they were kids. It was really special to read about because I felt a connection. My brother and I are really close as well and I think if I ever had the chance to write a book about my life there would be a whole section dedicated to that bond, just like Estée did for her brother.
I think the best parts were the sections about Aslan, her boyfriend, and Amelia, her best friend (also a YouTuber). Aslan is a huge part of her life and you can really tell how much she loves him through her writing in this section. I hadn’t really heard much about their love story before reading this book, so it was cool to finally fill in the gaps. Finally, the section about Amelia. This had me tearing up. I had no idea how important Amelia is to Estée before reading. The story reminded me of me and my best friend and how important friendships really are to us.
If you’re into YouTube as much as I am (I’m obsessed and may have a problem 🙂 ), 0r just want to have a beautifully designed and written book on your shelf, then I highly recommend picking this book up. Also, check out Estée’s channel(s) and blog; they’re just as gorgeous.
I’d love to hear what you think of the book, so leave me a comment down below 🙂



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