My First Facial Experience

I had my first facial, and about to have my second, almost a month ago. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous for it. I didn’t know what to expect and went through all the scenarios in my head. Luckily, I knew who was doing the facial. When I got there, it turned out not to be that bad. I was nervous for no reason. My esthetician, Karla at Ulta Salon, made me feel at ease. She also has been doing my brows and has seen my skin enough times to really know what I need.
The process was painless. Karla had me fill out a questionnaire full of questions about my skin and what I use on it. After I finished filling that out, she brought me into the room and told me to remove my clothes from the waist up  lay on the bed with the cover up on (all you dirty minds out there, just be quiet lolz). When I was ready, she came in and we got started.
About three weeks before the facial, I told her that I was having issues with a breakout and she suggested I come in. The type of facial she performed on me was the Dermalogica Medibac. It’s a line of products that is supposed to help clear the skin of acne and other impurities. The products in this line, and the ones she used on my skin, are:

To prep my skin, she used a steamer to open up my pores. It was actually kind of funny though because she told me that her steamer wasn’t staying in place. She had to multitask by holding the steamer over my face and massage my head. Yes, she did a massage while performing the facial. I have to say this was the best part. I also liked that she talked through the products and told me what she was using on my face and shoulders. She was very thorough in her explanation as well. I think it’s important that a facialist tells you what she/he is using and is very knowledgeable in the process and products.
Overall, this experience was my most favorite I’ve had in my life and don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner 🙂 My skin has been healthier since then and I have found that my skin is less oily than before.
If you do decide to get a facial done for yourself, always do your research and find somebody you can trust and is knowledgeable. I was very happy that I did and that I have a nice rapport with. Karla is great and it made the process that much easier, fun and enjoyable. Thank you Karla!
Let me know if you have ever had a facial done and your experience with it down in the comments below.



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