My New Favorite Mascara~L'Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof

I never thought I would stray from my ever favorite brand, CoverGirl, but I’ve gone and done it! I can now appreciate and understand the hype of this brand’s mascaras.
This is the first mascara from the brand, minus the lash primer, that I have ever tried. I’m glad I have because it’s been the only mascara I’ve been wearing since I purchased it. It gives me all the benefits that I want.
On the package, the claims are that 3 out of 4 women saw volume and length, 90% said no flaking, and 95% said that it lasts all day. I can say that it does all this for me. I get the fluttery, long, and voluminous lashes that I want. It also has the added bonus of separating my lashes. I’m not a huge fan of the chunky, spidery lashes.
I also enjoy the fact that this mascara is waterproof. I appreciate this because it aids in the above. I have stick straight lashes, so when it comes to curling them I need a mascara that will hold that curl. I can also firmly state that it is waterproof. When I washed my face the first time I wore it, I had forgotten to remove it with my usual micellar water. It held on the whole time.
Now, you might be wondering how easy is it to use. I can tell you that it is one of the easiest mascaras to maneuver. I’m usually one for using a smaller wand because I find them easier to use for both bottom and top lashes. So when I saw the wand and bristles, I was a little hesitant about this fact.
My most favorite part of this mascara is the packaging. I am a sucker for it and this packaging is beautiful. It’s a rose gold tube full of lushness. It reminds me of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara packaging.
Finally, the color is a deep black; to be specific the color is 203 Black. I went on the L’Oreal website and found that there is one other color. Here is that color, 204 Blackest Black. I think I would like to try this color just to see if I like it better. Like I said, the shade I have is pretty black but sometime I want a super black mascara for smokier looks 🙂
I hope this little review was helpful and enjoyable to read. I would love to hear whether you have tried this mascara and what you think of it. I personally can tell you I’m officially converted 🙂
Thank you for reading!



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