Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse & Back Sponge Applicator

Since I did a review on the 2-hr. Mousse a couple of months ago, I thought it only fitting to review more the Loving Tan products. Today, as you can tell from the title, I’m bringing you a review of the brand’s Deluxe Bronzing Mousse and Back Sponge Applicator.

Let’s start with my thoughts on the applicator. I was not a fan. There were so many things I didn’t like about this tool. For one, it didn’t have enough leverage. I don’t know if it was me or if it needed to be more flexible or if I needed to be more flexible, which I am not. Eventually, I found a trick to using it but then I finally gave up on it because it wasn’t worth all the faffing about. I also think it needs more surface area. The sponge on it is really tiny.

Now onto the mousse. I’d say it’s basically like using the 2-hr. mousse, but it just takes longer to develop (8 hours to be exact). I used it in conjunction with what I had left of my 2-hr. mousse and it worked just fine with it. Probably because it’s essentially the same formula.
It did a lot of the same things the 2-hr. mousse did, such as it was pretty sticky when drying down and that it stained my finger nails. I wanted to find a solution to this, but couldn’t find one in the end. I did learn a lot between using the 2-hr. mousse and this mousse. I learned that I should avoid the eyebrows. It kind of stains or dyes them, so I had to find a way to avoid them. It wasn’t that easy because the mitt isn’t as precise.
I also wanted to mention, which I forgot to mention in the last review, that it evens out my skin tone. I have a pink undertone to my skin and when I can find products to counteract this I’m a happy camper.
Another con to this formula is that it went patchier when fading. I notice it especially on my hands. I even exfoliate and moisturize, but I still find it patchy. I don’t know what causes this formula to do that, maybe it’s just my skin type. I do have pretty dry skin. However, I did not find that with the 2-hr. mousse.
Overall, I think I would rather use the 2-hr. mousse because one, I’m impatient and two, I like the formula better. Which when I think about it, it’s basically the same as the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse.

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this costs and all the other details. Well, I bought mine as a bundle, which I recommend if you’re just trying this out for the first time. Individually, the mousse is $34.95. As a bundle, it’s $39.95 and it includes the mousse and an applicator mitt. They do offer other bundles that include more of the products. The mousses come in 3 shades; medium (this is what I went with because I’m pale), dark, and ultra dark. The back applicator sponge is $24.95, but is also offered in their biggest bundle. Like I mentioned in the 2-hr. mousse review, the website is very easy to use and offers many helpful tips. I also mentioned that when ordering, they deliver worldwide. However, if you’re ordering, at least to the U.S., your bank might charge you an international fee.
I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions about tanning or this brand, either leave them down in the comments below or go to the Loving Tan website. I would be happy, and I’m sure they would be as well, to answer them.
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