Stream of Consciousness 4

I want to preface by saying that I’m a huge, big nerd. I have always loved weird, cult TV shows/movies like Buffy and the like.

The new obsession is Arrow. I will admit that I didn’t actually watch this show when it first came on the air. I just wasn’t all that interested. But recently I watched the big crossover event of all the superhero shows on The CW and realized that I had no clue what was going on in the ones I didn’t/don’t watch. (I have only been watching Supergirl).

This isn’t really what I want to talk about though. What I really want to talk about and walk through is why I feel a connection to one particular character in Arrow. That character is Felicity Smoak.

If you have watched the show or are at least familiar with it, then you may know why I’m singling her out. But for those of you who don’t, let me explain why. Felicity is a badass. She is a nerd. She is a cool chick. She is caring and loving. She is the light that Oliver needs. She is heart. Most important of all, she is human. Do you get the point yet? P.S. She’s also Jewish. There have only been three shows I’ve watched (Arrow, The Flash, & The Goldbergs), that I know of, where the characters were the same religion as me. I just think this a really cool aspect.

I identify with Felicity Smoak (Is that not a cool name or what?) for all those reasons I mentioned above. I am awkward just like she is. She has an affinity to blurt out these awkward double entendres and other awkward things and immediately feels embarrassed. I do the same. Well, maybe not the double entendres thing but I’ve had my fair share of awkward moments.

She cares and loves the people around her. Maybe even to a fault. She would do anything for those loved ones. I would do the same. In fact, I think caring too much has gotten me into trouble and is one of my faults.

She is soo smart. Smarter than me. But she works in a field (cyber) I work in. She has so many skills I wish I had, but sadly don’t. Let’s just say I aspire to be like her one day, or at least close.

She falls in love and crushes on people (namely Oliver) she can’t necessarily have or don’t reciprocate the feelings back. Boy! Have I been in situations like this. More than I care to admit. But haven’t we all been there, done that?

As does a lot of the other characters in the show, she brings the humanity to it. She is a regular person just like you and me. She brings sanity to the crazy, messed up world that is the Arrowverse (Not my term by the way).

I understand that this is just a show and that she is just a character. I also understand that there isn’t actually a human being like her IRL. But there are elements of Felicity Smoak in all of us.

I don’t think I have ever felt such a strong connection to a TV character/movie character as I have to Felicity Smoak. Dare I say I have #girlcrush on a made up person? I’ll admit that I do. Does that make me weird? Probably, but I don’t care. Go watch Arrow and come back and tell me you don’t see a little bit of you in her. Go on, I’ll wait, lolz.

Do you watch Arrow? Have you ever felt such a strong connection to a character you’ve watched on TV or in a movie? If so, let me known down in the comments. I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading!

Jess xx

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