February Bullet Journal Flip Through & Thoughts

XJYX7615[1]I am very new to bullet journaling, but I have been wanting to try it out for some time now. So far, I’m liking it but I’m still working out the kinks. I’m using the journal I have right now as a practice one.

I’m not that great of a drawer, so I’m not doing anything fancy. I’m also not super creative, but I do have those moments when I want to do something with my hands. That’s partly why I started this blog and that’s exactly why I decided to start bullet journaling this year.

I have been watching all the bullet journal videos I find on the front page feed of my YouTube account to get all the inspiration I need. My favorite, though, is AmandaRachLee. She has the best, in my opinion, and most simple spreads.

The only issue I have is that bullet journaling is making me want to buy all the fun pens and supplies. But is that really issue? lolz! The inner stationery addict in me says no 🙂

Here is my February spread:



Are you a bullet journaler? What do you think of bullet journaling? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know if you would like me to continue doing these kinds of posts.

Thanks for reading!

Jess xx


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