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I’m not that great at writing about myself, so forgive me if I fail at this. I am a Midwest girl through and through; I literally haven’t lived anywhere else for 30 years. Until now! I now live in Mississippi. Now that I live in the Mid-South, I’m learning how to navigate my new surroundings

I started this blog to just share my passion for everything I love. I really just wanted an outlet for writing. For a brief time, I was a journalism student and wrote for my high school’s newspaper. I thought Journalism was going to be my career. Things change and life happens.

I consider myself the nerdiest of nerds. But that’s cool now, isn’t it? You ask anyone I know and they will tell you that I tend to go a little overboard about the things I love.

I hope this can be an oasis for all of you to express how you feel about the subjects written about on here. I want this to be a hub for nerds just like me.

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