Autumn, Oh How I Love Thee!

Autumn is my favorite season. By the time the end of August rolls around, I am ready for it to show up. autumn is when I can pull out all my cozy sweaters and scarves. It is when I can drink lots and lots of hot cocoa and coffee. It is when I can wear boots and all the pretty colors of the season.
On those rainy autumn days, I can curl up with a good book and watch the rain fall. And my most favorite part of the season is that I can watch the leaves change into those beautiful, vibrant oranges and reds. Another great part of autumn is the new TV season. I love watching TV and by the end of the Summer, I am ready for new TV shows. This year, I am really excited for TV because there are a lot of new pilots coming out…and they look GOOD! Of course, there are the original/returning shows that I am really excited to come back as well.
Now, I am just waiting for the weather to change (I hope it hurries up!) so I can finally wear all those sweaters I mentioned earlier. Let me know what your favorite season is and what you look forward to during that season.



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