Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken is about a man, Ken, who is just trying to be a good father, husband, and doctor. It incorporates humor, family, and even more humor.

Ken Jeong makes this show and I’m not just saying that because his name is in the title. This man is hilarious! Little known fact, Ken is actually a doctor. I think that helps in the case of this show. It makes it seem more real.

I laughed all throughout watching this show. All the characters are funny. My favorite parts of the first episode were when Ken found out that his son was going to mime for the school talent show and told him it wasn’t a good idea; but then at the end of the episode he gets up on stage and helps his son out. It was funny and goofy, just like Ken. If you’ve watched him in anything else, you’ll know what I mean.


Let me know what your favorite part(s) are of this show in the comments below.





UPDATE: I stopped watching this show because it got boring.

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