What's in my Bag?

I absolutely love my purse and it goes everywhere with me. I thought it would be cool for you guys, my readers, to take a peek at what I carry around in it.
I am usually not a big fan of fringe, but I just had to buy this purse. I wanted something different and something that would hold all the stuff I carry and end up throwing into my purse. This was what called out to me. I don’t know the brand, unfortunately, but did get it at Gordman’s. They usually have good, discounted prices on all their merchandise so I decided to look there.
The next item I carry in my purse is my wallet. Of course, you have to have your wallet. How else are you going to pay for things and carry all the other important stuff? I got this wallet at Target. I was trying to find one that was bigger and had a separate section for change. My last wallet certainly did not have any of the things this wallet has. It has a crazy amount of slots for various cards and has several pockets to carry cash and other random things.
I also carry around two pairs of sunglasses at all times. One pair is my prescription sunglasses and the other pair are ones I bought from Target for when I am wearing my contacts. Most days, I wear my prescription sunglasses because I can’t be bothered to put in my contacts. I love these glasses because they are big and really do protect my eyes from the sun. Now, I can’t remember if these were actually Guess brand or if they just gave me a Guess case to keep them in. I love the Target glasses because of the color. I love bright colors, especially in the Summer. They are so versatile and when I’m not wearing them, I can just put them on top of my head.
I always have to have some kind of lip product in my purse, so I carry around a little makeup bag. I got this makeup bag at Target in the toiletry section. Now, the lip products I carry in it vary from day to day but I do keep the staples in it all the time. I have several lip glosses/chapsticks, Baby Lips, Carmex, and Burt’s Bees. I recently added a new lip gloss to the pouch and that is BareMinerals Moxie Lip gloss that I got for free with my recent Sephora order. There will be more on this lip gloss in a later post. The last things I keep in this pouch are a mirror and a lipstick. Right now, I have a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in a rosy pink but I usually switch it out with whatever lipstick I am wearing that day. I keep the mirror in there so when I am out and about, I can touch up my lipstick.
There are also random other items I keep in my purse. I have a mini lotion bottle for when my hands are dry, which is all the time in the winter. My keys (work and home), some gum, band-aids (you never know when you’re going to need them), and my contact lens solution are also thrown into my bag.

The last thing I throw into my bag is my favorite pen and a notebook. These are in my bag because I never know when inspiration will hit, so I like to have pen and paper at the ready.
I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into my purse. Let me know what you like to carry around with you.

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