September Favorites

Here are my favorite products of September:

Johnson’s Baby Oil: I started using this product recently right when I get out of the shower and I absolutely swear by it now. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and so soft. I love it! All you have to do is get out of the shower and apply it to your damp skin. As soon as it is applied, dry off. It’s as easy as that. Update: So it turns out that you can develop a rash when using this product and I have done just that. Who knew that a product that is supposed to be gentle on the skin could be so harsh at the same time? I just want to say that I still do swear by it, but just be careful when using it.
Zoella Bath Products: I started using the shower gel and scrub this summer, but I am going to continue using both throughout the year. They smell amazing and don’t irritate my skin. The scrub is great to use before shaving my legs because I tend to get dry skin really easily and shaving cream alone doesn’t help. But ever since I started using the scrub, my legs don’t itch after shaving. I also use the scrub on my arms because I have these weird bumps on them and the scrub keeps them smooth. The shower gel is amazing too. It smells great and it goes on smoothly. I like to use these two products together, but you can definitely use them separately if you want. Along with the scrub and shower gel, I like to use the lotion too. It’s so buttery smooth and goes on nicely, so you don’t get that gross heavy feeling of some lotions. The only thing wrong with the product is that I wish it came in a travel size so I could bring it with me everywhere.
OGX KuKui Oil Shampoo & Conditioner: I absolutely love this stuff! I tend to have really frizzy hair all year round and this shampoo and conditioner have helped with that issue. It has also kept my hair feeling softer. The smell is great; it smells like coconuts. The only issue I have is that when I am trying to squeeze the shampoo out of the container it sometimes gets suctioned back in.
Wet Brush: I had been hearing a lot about this product from various beauty gurus and how they swore by it. Well, i finally decided to take the plunge and purchase one. I’ve got to tell you, they were right. This brush is great! I was told that I shouldn’t brush my hair when it was wet because it damages it. This brush eliminates that issue because it is made for just that; wet hair. I tend to get really snarly/knotty hair and this brush allows me to brush them out more easily. This brush is not only good for wet hair, but also can be used on dry hair.
Dove Dry Shampoo: I love using dry shampoo on the days I don’t have a lot of time. I have to say this is one of the better dry shampoos I have used so far. It comes out as a powdery substance so your hair doesn’t feel greasy and the nozzle doesn’t get clogged. It smells great, which is good for me because I have used some that made my hair smell like hair spray. It’s easy to use; all you have to do is spray it in a few places near the roots and massage it in and you’re good to go.
Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil in White: I absolutely love this pencil. It adds a bold look to any makeup look. I use it on my waterline to add a little oomph and pizzaz to my eye makeup look. It goes on smooth and doesn’t budge once it’s on, which is good because sometimes when products say they’re waterproof they don’t always turn out that way.
Maybelline Sensational Lippie in Blissful Berry: I tend to steer towards pinks and nudes when picking out lip colors, but I absolutely love this color on me. It’s this deep purple/red color and it surprisingly suits my skin tone; I am pretty pale. I wanted a deep, bold color for autumn and I found it in this product.
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lippie in #05: This lip product is right up my alley. It is a nice pinky/red shade and it goes on nicely. It also lasts a long time.
Candy Crush Saga (Both Original and Soda Versions): For the longest time, I told myself that I would not fall into the trap that is Candy Crush Saga. Well, it worked up until now and here I am playing it almost everyday. I am obsessed with these two games.
Disco Ducks: This game is like Bejeweled and just as addicting. The pieces are ducks’ faces and you have different goals on each level. It’s so much fun! If you want an alternative to Bejeweled, this is the game for you.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars: I absolutely LOVE these chocolate bars. They’re made by Cadbury, which means they’re so much better than Hershey’s chocolate bars. They are nice and smooth and so, so creamy.
Uma Thurman-Fall Out Boy
Cool for the Summer-Demi Lovato
Drag Me Down-One Direction
Honey, I’m Good-Andy Grammer
I hope you enjoyed reading about my September favorites. Let me know what you were loving in September.

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