This show starts out with a woman, Jane Doe, climbing out of a huge duffle bag, covered in tattoos in the middle of Times Square. One of the tattoos is the name of an FBI agent, Kurt Weller, so she is brought to headquarters and is put through lots and lots of tests. It turns out the tattoos are all clues to crimes that are going to happen and it is up to Jane, Kurt, and the team to stop them from happening.
I had been really excited to watch this show ever since I watched the preview. It turns out I was right to. There is a lot of mystery and intrigue; it’s like watching a Jason Borne movie which is funny because the critics were touting Jane as the female Borne. I love solving the mystery along with the characters and this show allows me to do so.
If you like a lot of action, mystery, and intrigue in your shows, then this is the show for you. If you end up watching, let me know what you think down in the comments below.

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