The Dreidel Game

I think I have played this game maybe once or twice in my life, but to be fair it’s mostly a game for kids. Now, it is considered a gambling game, but it was altered to be kid-friendly.


What you will need:

 A dreidel (which is just a spinning top)


Coins or candy


How to play:

 I just want to preface this by saying that you could make up your own rules for this game, but here is a general guideline.

  1. Put one game piece in the center at the start of the game. Also, each player will put one in the center after their turn.
  2. Each player takes their turn.

Each face has a Hebrew letter on it. This is what each one means in the game:

Nun-player does nothing.

Gimel-player gets everything.

Hay-player gets half.

Shin/pei-player adds a piece.


3. If the player has no pieces left, they are either out or can choose to ask another player for pieces. I personally play until I’m out.


Let me know if you play. Tag me in your pictures of you playing on Twitter and Instagram, @Mindofa20S and @Mindofa20Something.




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