Book Review~Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter

As you may already know, I’m pretty obsessed with YouTube. Well, that obsession has spread to the books that some of my favorite YTers have written. The latest YTer’s book I have read is Louise Pentland’s ‘Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter’.

I loved this book, mainly because the whole time I was reading it I could hear her voice in the words. There were so many Louise-isms in it and so much of her in it as well. Which I guess is to be expected since she is the author, haha.

This book is full of tips and tricks to get through this thing we call life. The great thing about it is that the tips come from the personal experiences/struggles/triumphs that Louise went through and accomplished. Now, some of this book didn’t really pertain to me but reading those situations and sections made me think about my own personal journey through the same things. Some of it I agreed with and could relate to.

My favorite parts of this book were the personal stories she sprinkled, haha, throughout the book. My favorite stories were her dating ones. OMG! Some of them were just ridiculously funny and just plain ridiculous. I’ll just let you read them for yourself 🙂

Overall, I thought this book was good. I could see this book as a good tool for someone who is just starting their journey into adulthood. I know I thought that when I have kids I would want them to have a tool/book like this because I didn’t have a ton of books/resources like this when I was going through my road to adulthood.


Let me know what you think of this book if you get a chance to read it.




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