September Favorites

I know this is late, but here is what I loved, or didn’t so much love, during the month of September.



imPRESS Press-on Nails (similar) & KISS Nail Glue: I go through phases where I just don’t want to do my nails, so I go out and either get them done or I buy the ones in the store. That was one of these phases. I actually went a little wild and got a style I don’t usually go for. They are a rounded point style and I actually really enjoyed them. Now as for how long they lasted, I was not happy with. So, I went and bought some nail glue and found this stuff which dries really quick. Always a plus in my book. 

My UV Patch: This patch is from the brand LaRoche-Posay. It comes with an app and you can track how much UV exposure you are getting throughout the day. I really enjoyed wearing it because I am not the best at putting on sunblock. Wearing this patch pushed me to put it on everyday. It says you should wear it for about seven days, but I ended up wearing it for about two weeks or more. I don’t suggest that. It was not fun trying to remove it. 



Minnie Mouse Shoes: When I saw these at Target, I had to get them. I love Disney and have been looking for ages for all kinds of Disney wear. This is a good start to that wardrobe 🙂 They are also really comfortable for everyday wear.

Mad Love Black TOMS Knock-offs: I needed a new pair of TOMS since mine have holes in them. But I also didn’t want to spend the money at the time for a new pair. These ones from Target are a good alternative when you’re on the fence about the style you want or are not ready to spend the money. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TOMS but I needed a new pair quick. I will say that these are more comfortable than the originals. They have a little more support.



Best Fiends: By now, I think everyone and their mom is playing this game. This game has been soo addicting to me, I’m still playing it well into October. 

Zootopia Crime Files: I really loved this movie, so naturally I am playing a game based on it. This is a hidden object game that allows you to solve mysteries and cases while finding those objects. All the characters from the movie are featured in the game as well. 

Clue: This one’s more for my female readers, but if you like and/or have trouble keeping track of your period this is the app for you. It allows you to keep track of not only your period, but other elements as well. For instance, I am keeping track of how many hours I sleep each night and how my skin is doing. The best thing is that you can choose which ones you want on your dashboard. For me, this has been a nice app to have so I know exactly when my period is coming.

NCIS Hidden Crimes: Another hidden object game based on one of my favorite TV shows. If you have ever watched the show, then the game is kind of like it. You solve cases while finding the hidden objects. Although, the likenesses of the characters are really off. Not a fan of that aspect.



6fea69_6b1ede93c4b94912a4c8db5256f102e3-mv2_d_2448_3264_s_4_2Harry Potter & the Cursed Child: This book was great. It was nice to read what happened after the characters had left Hogwarts and see, well read about, them with their families. After reading this, I would love to see the stage play. 



Rochelle Fox: I was first introduced to Rochelle through one of Alfie Deyes’s vlogs. She does mostly spiritual and fitness/wellness videos. I like watching her videos because it makes me want to do better fitness/wellness wise. She also has a great personality and the best thing is that she’s from Australia. So if you are a sucker for accents like myself, then you will really enjoy watching her videos.

Riyadh K: Another new favorite for me. This man is hilarious! The most recent video I watched of his is him analyzing the second presidential debate. He had me cry laughing. Just go check him out.

leighannsays: I have been watching Leigh Ann’s videos for awhile now, but they are just still so fun to watch. She has soo much personality and every once in awhile her dog, Luna, will pop up in the background 🙂

Becca Rose: This is a new YouTuber favorite for me. I was first introduced to her in one of Mark Ferris’s vlogs and instantly wanted to subscribe to her channel. She is so much fun and I love her beauty videos. And yes, I am following yet another beauty vlogger on YouTube 🙂 

Linda Blacker: This woman develops the best and most beautiful pictures. My favorite so far is a series that she calls YouTuber Fairytale. She asked several YouTubers to pose as different Disney and fairytale princesses and they turned out amazingly! Her pictures are so elaborate and imaginative. I think it would be soo cool to do a series with her 🙂 Go follow her on Instagram, you will not be disappointed.



Closer by The Chainsmokers: I have loved this song all September and I’m still loving it into October. It’s just a really fun song to listen and sing to.

I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner: This is another fun song to listen and sing to. It’s a great dance song too. 



6fea69_64209460d8254ffc89427e0c42239a7f-mv2_d_2448_3264_s_4_2Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel: I mentioned how much I disliked this product in my PLAY! by Sephora post, so I will link that here.


I hope you enjoyed reading about what I loved and didn’t love during the month of September. Let me know what your favorites were 🙂





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