Audiobook Review~147 Things by Jim Chapman


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Do you like learning about random facts? Do you like to watch nature shows, history shows, or documentaries? If so, then I suggest picking this book up or listening to it.

147 Things has to be one of the most unique books written by a YouTuber I have ever listened to or read so far. In the book, Jim Chapman goes over all the random and most interesting facts he himself has learned through his 29 years. Well, maybe not quite 29 years but you know what I mean.

After listening to him read his book, I definitely would love to pick up the physical copy and read it again. His voice is so engaging and it kind of feels like you’re watching one of those shows I mentioned above. I can imagine if I read this again, I will most likely hear his voice as I read it.

Besides his voice and great storytelling ability, I really enjoyed his little asides and humor. As reading out all the different facts, he adds little personal anecdotes to almost every single one of them. For instance, he tells about a few times where his wife (Tanya Burr, also a famous YouTuber) was dreaming and he started talking to her. Some of these I have actually heard, but it was just as hilarious hearing them a second time. I also felt somewhat of a connection to this ‘Thing’, don’t remember exactly which but it did have to do with sleep, because I too have some pretty strange dreams almost every night.

I also learned soo much while listening, which I guess is the point. I learned that I was using the wrong plural form of octopus; it’s octopuses, not octopi by the way. This kinda blew my mind and I blame my teachers, lolz. This book also made me just think about the world around us and all the different things that make it and make up us. Deep, I know, but you’ll see what I mean when you read/listen to the book. Some of these ‘Things’ get to you.

The audiobook has a little extra. It’s an interview Jim did with Emma Gannon, podcaster and fellow author, about writing his book and the book itself. It was probably my favorite part of the whole experience, besides just listening to the book period. It was cool to listen to Jim tell of his writing process and his own opinion of his book and his favorite parts. It was also cool to hear what Emma thought of it as well.

I’m a huge nerd and books like this are the kind I love to read or listen to. I just love learning and when I get to do it in a fun way it’s even better. If you are like me and just love reading about the most random facts or subjects, then I suggest you immediately get yourself a copy; whether it’s a physical or audio version.


I would love to hear your suggestions for books like this one or whether you too like books like Jim’s. Leave your suggestions down below in the comments or message me on the many social media’s I have. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Thanks for reading!


Jess xx

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