Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Range Review

EJTF1184[1]Hi again! I’m bringing you another product review post, but this time it’s a whole range of products from my favorite beauty brand; Zoella Beauty!

I just want to start off by saying that I love this range and how cute the packaging is. It’s the perfect summer add-on to your body care products. However, who am I kidding?! I’ve been using this range well into the fall/winter months.

How bout I stop blathering on and get to the good part. Sound good? Good.

Let’s start with my favorite product in the range.


Body Pudding Body Cream-I have been a fan of Zoella Beauty’s lotions for awhile now, but dare I say this body lotion is my favorite? Until another one comes along, I think it’s safe to say this. The lotion itself is so moisturizing, but there are little beads of extra moisturization (I think I may have made up a word here, lolz) that just adds to it. I tend to get really dry skin in the fall/winter months, so I like to use heavy moisturizing lotions. This is the perfect one for that. I either like to apply this lotion at night right before bed or right after my shower. It literally keeps my skin feeling moisturized all day and if I do apply right before bed, my skin feels just as moisturized and soft the next day. As for the scent, I will get to that at the end.

MZOE6810[1]Gelat’eau Body Mist-I have never tried any of the Zoella Beauty body mists before this one, but I’m glad I chose this one to be my first. I love how light the scent is and how fine the mist is. Sometimes when you get these body mists, the mist is so strong. Something I am not fond of. It means there’s too much product on me and I don’t like that. I like to have a light mist and if I want something a little more powerful, I’ll wear a perfume. Am I right?

Creamy Scrub Body Scrub-This is the weirdest body scrub I have ever used. I don’t necessarily mean in a bad way, I just haven’t seen a body scrub like this before. It comes in this solid, honey looking form with little scrubbing crystals in it. It’s kind of like putting honey and sugar all over your body. It isn’t too abrasive, which I like. Sometimes when I’m using body scrubs from other brands, I feel like I’m scraping away all my skin. Not a fun feeling. When it says creamy, it means it. When you warm it up in your hands and rub it all over, it turns into this milky, creamy consistency. It also is really moisturizing. Another quality in body scrubs that I love. As for the scent in this product, again I will mention it at the end, but I think I would like this in the original Zoella Beauty scent. Also, I think I would like this in a more gel-like consistency. All in all, I don’t think I would buy this product again.

KVFM0757[1]Shower Sauce Shower Gel-This shower gel is nice, but it’s not my favorite. First, I don’t usually use shower gels to cleanse my skin in the shower. Second, I’m not a fan of the scent in this product. It’s way too strong and kind of smells plasticky. I can smell how artificial it smells. The one thing I do like about this product is it’s lather. It really soaps up and gets pretty bubbly.

IPZI2817[1]Shower Shake Moisturizing Body Wash-I have not been using this product for its intended purpose. I have actually been using this as a shave cream. Let me tell you, it works great for this purpose. It got me such a close shave and was moisturizing; are you seeing a common theme throughout this post? Anywho, I have used many a different shave creams, shave gels, etc. and this one by far is my favorite, even though it’s not actually a shave cream.

I kept saying that I would talk about the scent of this range of products. Well, here you go. The scent is definitely not consistent throughout each one. Some products have a stronger scent than others. I don’t know if that’s because each one has a different consistency or each one is so different period. I just thought I would add that little observation for you guys so you have it in mind when/if you decide to purchase any of these products. By the way, I highly suggest you do.


Have you tried any Zoella Beauty products before? Have you tried this range? Let me know in the comments section below. Or let me know on social media. I love hearing from you guys.


Thanks for reading!


Jess xx



*All the products are also available at feelunique.com if you don’t live in the U.S.

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