Book Review~Username: Evie

I am not the kind of person who will pick up a graphic novel and read it. But this one, ‘Username: Evie’, I just had to read. Again, it is by YouTuber Joe Sugg; it just seems like this is the next step for lots of them. Anywho, it’s about a girl, Evie, who is the outcast in her world and isn’t coping with it very well. Until one day she finds someplace/something her dad left for her.

For someone who doesn’t read a lot of, or none at all, graphic novels this one is pretty good. I loved the illustrations. They were AMAZING! Beautiful colors and lines that give the story dimension. Ick! Do I sound pretentious/artsy there? Haha! Anywho, the plot is great too. You can really relate to what Evie goes through. I know I did. We have all felt like we don’t belong at one point or another in our life. And this story gets it to a T, granted it takes place in a wildly abnormal way 🙂 You’ll know what I mean by that when you read it.

If you have ever felt like you were on the outside looking in or are really into graphic novels, I highly recommend picking this book up 🙂




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