20 Things I Love About My Hound Mix

I got this idea from one of my favorite YouTubers, Estee Lalonde. So, thank you Estee! 🙂

As you can probably tell from my Instagram, I absolutely love and am obsessed with my baby Jake. So, I thought I would make up a list of things I love most about him. Of course, these are in no particular order 🙂

  • He is a cuddle bug. He absolutely LOVES cuddling with me and anybody else that will let him.

  • He loves showing off his belly. The experts would say he does this to show that he is not the dominant one, but I think he just does it for attention…haha!

  • Sometimes when he is sleeping, he will high pitch bark. He doesn’t do this very often, but when he is in a deep sleep you can count on it. In fact, the other day he did it. My mom and I were watching TV and he must have been dreaming about a bone or something because he was full on barking. I silently encourage him when he does, like “Get it, get it!”.

  • He’s quiet. He is not much of a barker. The only time I hear him bark is when he’s dreaming or when he is hungry and wants to go out.

  • He paws at me when he wants attention. This is pretty much self explanatory, but the way he does it is the best. He will roll onto his back and kind of paw at the air until I pay attention to him.  

  • His rolly, polly belly. He’s kind of overweight at the moment (not good, but we’re working on it) so he kind of looks like a potbelly pig 🙂

  • He smiles. When he gets super excited or is greeting me at the door, he will smile. I read that it’s pretty common in dogs. It’s a way to show that they are less dominant or to kind of deter themselves from attacking someone they know. Or something like that…haha!

  • His wiggle butt. This only happens when he gets SUPER excited. It usually comes along with the smiling.

  • His ears. He has the softest ears. They are my most favorite part of him. He also has a scar in and on one of them. We think he may have gotten in a fight, unfortunately. Before the organization that we got him from rescued Jake, he was in a kill shelter and it could have happened before his rescue from there. Who knows?

  • The top of his nose. I always like petting him there because it’s always soo soft. He doesn’t like it usually though 🙂

  • His paws. His paws are soo tiny; they seem almost too tiny for the breed he is. I also like that on some of his paws, there is one white nail and the rest are darker in color.  

  • His tail. I mentioned above that he came from a kill shelter before he was rescued and another injury he may have gotten was his tail being broken off. Some owners will get their dog’s tail docked (this means it’s shortened), well it looks like Jake’s is but when you feel it you notice a weird kink in it. This makes me think it was broken off somehow. Anyway, I love it because it goes a mile a minute when he’s excited to see me. 

  • His size. He is the perfect size. I have had a lot of bigger breed dogs in my 27 years and it is nice to have a smaller one now. He fits perfectly in my lap when he wants to cuddle.

  • His scars. I mentioned these above, but I just like them because it gives him personality (no matter how he got them). 

  • The way he acts like a cat. I swear this dog was around cats. I don’t know about your dogs, but my dog loves to sit on the back of the couch and watch out the window. It’s weird and sweet at the same time. He grooms a lot like a cat too. Haha!

  • The way he greets me when I get home. I think I mentioned this before, but he loves to run down the stairs as soon as I walk through the door and does his wiggle butt dance. He also does his smiling thing.

  • How he gets excited to put any clothes on. This dog loves clothes. I bought him a sweater this winter because 1. it was cold out and 2. i wanted to get him something that made him feel like he was being hugged all the time (kind of like a thunderjacket concept). He LOVES it! If I show him it, he will perk up and come running to me to put it on. 

  • His kisses. He doesn’t kiss very often (he loves nosing me though), but when he does it’s soo cute. He just kind of goes one little lick and he’s done.

  • The way he sleeps. Jake loves sleeping. Sometimes I will find him curled up like a little donut and sometimes I will find him sprawled out taking up half the couch. It’s hilarious.

  • The way he acts like a human. Sometimes when he his sleeping, he will either lay on a pillow or hug the pillow like a stuffed animal. It’s sooo cuuute!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the things I love about my dog. Let me know what some things about your pets that you love. And if you want, tag me in your pics of them on Twitter or Instagram (Mindofa20S or Mindofa20Something).




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