Mont Bleu Nail Tools Review

Today, I’m excited to bring you guys a review of Mont Bleu nail tools. Mont Bleu is a Czech company that is known for their glass nail files. They have been around for 10 years and are continuing to grow in the market. They deliver all over the world and offer not only the aforementioned nail files, but several other products as well.
I have to admit I was a little surprised, thrown off, and excited when Mont Bleu reached out to me and asked me to review their products. I hadn’t heard of the company before and wanted to make sure it was a company that both you and I, my readers, would enjoy hearing about. Turns out, they are a great company with great, long-lasting products.
They kindly gave me the option to either choose a few items from their site or have them pick out some goodies for me. I chose the latter and I’m happy I did. I don’t think I could have chosen 🙂 There are soo many beautiful nail files and other tools, that it was pretty overwhelming.
I’m sure you’re waiting, with bated breath, to find out what products I have in my possession now so I will stop droning on 🙂

They sent me two beautiful, black nail files. Both adorned with Swarovski crystals. One is a large one and the other is a little mini one, perfect for throwing in your makeup bag for on the go filing. The files give my nails a smooth finish and I don’t feel like I have to clip my nails anymore! This is perfect for me because I hate having to do the extra step just to paint my nails. The packaging is great too. They come in these velvet-like sleeves that help keep them clean and away from anything that might get on them. Cleaning is also quick and easy. All you need to do is run them under warm water and they will be like new.

They also sent me a pair of cuticle scissors and a foot file. I will admit that I’m not a regular user of cuticle scissors. I find them awkward to maneuver. Even though this is true, I will find another use for them 🙂 The foot file was probably the second most exciting thing that came, next to the nail files. I actually was hoping they would send me one 🙂 It is of the same great quality as the nail files, just much larger. It has some heft to it. The foot file also came in the same black color as the nail files. Packaging isn’t as pretty with this one, as it comes in a clear, plastic sleeve instead of the velvet-like sleeve. I also have to admit that this won’t get as much use from me as the nail files. My feet aren’t that bad when it comes to pedicure stuff. However, I do have someone in mind that might enjoy using it more than I will 🙂

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Overall, these have become my favorite tools to use when giving myself a manicure. I won’t ever be going back to using inexpensive emery boards ever again.
Now for the best part! If you would like to purchase your own Mont Bleu nail files, you can find them via their website. They are offering a 20% discount to my readers. Use the code BLOG at checkout and you will receive the discount 🙂
You can also find them on Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.
I want to thank Mont Bleu for reaching out and offering this opportunity to me. I have enjoyed it.



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