Storytime: My Time in the College Dorms

I know this is a pretty different post than I usually have on here, but the idea came to me yesterday morning and had to write it.
I know the title says my time in the college dorms, but it really is about the roommates I had during college. Most of which came with drama. Unfortunately, I had several of them; one good and several that weren’t bad, but they weren’t great either.
Let’s start with freshman year. Who isn’t nervous their first time living away from home? I was one of these people, but having a, I thought, good roommate helped. We instantly became good friends. I’ll admit, she wasn’t the most ideal (she always went commando so when sitting on the futon one day let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant) but besides that she wasn’t bad. Things were going okay for awhile until she started freaking out. I think she had a mental breakdown from stress or something. She ended up moving back home for awhile.
After that happened, I moved in with the aforementioned good roommate. She was already a good friend, which was good even though they tell you not to live with your friends. She and I were the exception. We maybe had one fight and it was pointless and frivolous.
After freshman year, I decided to go to transfer. My sophomore was a saga of roommates. Some of the drama during this year, I’ll admit, was my fault. See, I like to have a cool down sesh before facing and solving a problem head down. I need to gather my thoughts before I can calmly talk to the person.
The first roommate I had that year actually sent me a letter before we moved in. She told me that she was bi-polar and wanted to make sure I was okay with this. I told here I was and that was that. Until several months into the semester. Let’s just say it started to bug me. It wasn’t so much the bi-polar, but more so little things started to bug me. This one was my fault. She ended up moving out and it was awhile before somebody else moved in.
The second roommate I had was definitely not my favorite. Everything was alright in the beginning, but it started to go downhill. If I remember right, she was younger than me and we were probably being a little too immature about the situations. This was one of the times I shut down for a bit to calm down and she took it wrong. This one ended in a big mess. Finally, the third roommate this year was my friend from across the hall. She was having issues with her roommate and I said why don’t you move in with me. She agreed and that was that. She was my roommate for the rest of the year and we decided to be roommates the next year as well. We had are issues the first year and that should have been my red flag.
Like I said, this roommate also became my roommate my junior year. It was alright in the beginning and then it slowly started going downhill. She became pretty arrogant and let’s just say that she also shouldn’t live with anyone. I’m just gonna leave it there.
Finally my senior year, I had two roommates. I liked my first roommate for awhile. Then it started to get pretty bad. She ended up insulting my friends and it was another time I definitely shut down. Eventually she told our RA and we had to hash it out. Shortly after that she moved out. The final roommate I had actually wasn’t a bad situation. She didn’t speak a lot of English, which was fine. We both just did our own thing and that was that.
As you can tell, I have had quite the saga. I learned a lot. I learned that I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to live with other women and that colleges need to do better job and pairing people up when housing them.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt away from the usual content I post. If you have any stories similar, or not, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.



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