March Bullet Journal Flip-Through

You all seemed to go gaga over my February flip-through, so I thought I would continue with these posts. Please be gentle…I’m not that artistic and I’m still new to Bujo. Still learning the ropes and what works for me.

This month, I wanted to do something March related (obviously) so I decided on a rainbows and clovers theme. I got the inspiration from this month’s Boho Berry Box theme (you’ll see what’s in that box on Thursday).

I also made some changes to my pages. First, I decided to change up the monthly calendar page. Instead of taping a pre-made one, I decided to draw it out. I like it better. I also went back to a horizontal weekly page setup. The vertical one didn’t allow me the space to write.

The last thing I changed was my expense tracker. The expense tracker wasn’t helping me, so I decided to change it to a budget tracker. I go the idea from you guessed it, AmandaRachLee on YouTube. I’m going to see if this helps me in any way in March because I am putting myself on a bit of spending ban; at least for frivolous stuff.

Finally, I didn’t include the pens I used in February’s flip-through so I thought I would start including it in this month’s.

Pens used:

  • Kuretake Zig Twin Tips (Be careful with these though; they smear if you don’t let them dry down)
  • Tombow Twin Tip (From the Galaxy pack)
  • PaperMate Flair M
  • Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen M (My new favorite pen, lolz!)



IMG_3660[1]There’s the flip-through. I hope you enjoyed peeking through this month’s theme. Let me know if you keep a Bujo and if you do, what theme did you decide to go with this month? I love hearing from you guys.

Thanks for reading!

Jess xx

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