June 2018 Bujo Spread & May Reflection

Hello Lovelies!

I want to start this post off with something new. I thought I would look back on what worked and what didn’t work for me in my May spread.

If you remember, I started using a mood tracker and a habit tracker in my May spread. Let’s just say that one worked better than the other. I did really well with my mood tracker page and it was fun to look back and see what my mood was like throughout the month. My habit tracker, on the other hand, didn’t work as well. I ended up ditching it less than half way through the month. Everything else about my May spread worked out just fine.

This month, I have tweaked a few things and I’m trying out the habit tracker again.

I wasn’t finding anything I was really liking for a front page, so I went simple. Let me backtrack a tiny bit here though. I moved into a new bullet journal. It’s the Moleskine Dot Journal. I can already tell that as soon as I’m done with this one I will move back to the Leuchtturm journal.

There are a couple things I don’t like about the Moleskine. First, it doesn’t lie as flat as I would like. And second, there is only one bookmark. I miss having the two. It made it so easy to flip back & forth to other pages.

Now that I’m done complaining about the materials, let’s move on to what you’ve been waiting for.

Like I said above, I went minimal with design. I kept it simple with color, except for my mood tracker. That will be different colors. I added a Pride Month (idea from AmandaRachDoodles on Instagram) doodle next to the title page because one, I wanted to show my support and two, it was looking very blank and I didn’t like it.

I also went with something different with my weekly spreads. I decided to combine Saturday & Sunday (idea from Lucy Jane Woods on YouTube) because I was finding that I didn’t need two separate sections for the weekend. Plus, combining them has given me more room to write. Also, instead of writing the days horizontal (see May 2018 Bujo Spread post), I wrote them vertically. Doing this also has given me more room to write my to-do lists.

The last thing I added (which also came from watching Lucy’s May Bujo Flip-Through) a page for mail and subscriptions. I end up ordering a lot online and I thought I would keep a checklist of the mail I’m waiting for. I also get quite a bit of subscriptions and they tend to come at different times of the month. I wanted to keep track of when they came out of my bank account and how much.











Let me know if you want me to continue these posts and continue doing a ‘look back’ at the previous month. I also would love to see your June creations.

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Thanks for reading!

Jess xx


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