A Month Full of Birthdays-February Monthly Roundup

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I really need to come up with a more clever name for this series on the blog. Haha! If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below.

Selfie of a woman

One of many birthday selfies I took that day. This is one I tried to get of my outfit because I wanted to post it to Instagram, but never did.

Selfie of a woman

February is literally filled with birthdays for me. Not only is it my own birthday (Feb. 2), it’s also my dad, mom, and my friend Brittany’s birthday. A little know fact about my birthday, unless you are close friend, is that I actually share a birthday with my dad. Some might say that that sucks. I beg to differ. I actually like sharing a birthday with my dad. It gives us a deeper bond. Also a little known fact, I wasn’t supposed to be born on his birthday. I was supposed to be a January baby. But that’s neither here nor there.

Selfie of a woman

Yet another selfie. This one you can kind of see the blush mentioned later in this post.

So, what did we do for our birthday? We did our usual. We went out to a birthday lunch (sometimes were do dinner) to a catfish restaurant. It was delicious! Since moving to the south, we try to go out and try all the cuisines we have access to now. But, I want to back up a bit and talk about birthdays with you. As I’ve gotten older, birthdays just aren’t as important to me as they used to. It’s just another day in my opinion. Yes, I get a year older (don’t always feel different), but it doesn’t really matter to me that much. I like the birthday tradition my family have established and that is enough for me. If you haven’t guessed yet, family is everything to me.

Now onto what we did for my mom’s birthday. Well, about a week before her birthday, I got a call from my brother saying that he wanted to come home for the weekend. Right now (well as I’m writing this he is home because of Covid-19), he is going to school about 2 hours away from where we live. He wants to be a vet. None of this matters for this story. Anywho, we make are usual plans and the next week I drive down to his apartment to bring him home. It was nice having him home to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Not only for my dad and I, but also for my mom. My parents will never say it out loud, especially my mom, but I know that they miss him when he’s at school. As for what we did to celebrate, my mom chose a local restaurant (Firebirds) to eat lunch and then we did a little shopping. Well, actually we did the shopping before hand because there was a wait. Firebirds is located in an outdoor mall area, so convenient.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to celebrate my friend Brittany’s birthday in person. She lives in Minnesota and I live in Mississippi. But I did send her a birthday text. When this pandemic is over and we can start traveling again, I am planning to visit. I can’t wait!

As for the rest of February, it’s kind of blur now. With everything going on right now in the world and me not writing this post in a timely manner, I have kind of forgotten what happened the rest of the month. So instead of straining my brain to figure out all of it, I’ll just talk about some of the things I enjoyed during the month of February.

Pink Blush Container

Open Blush Container

Beauty: I discovered, by reading an article, a new blush that I absolutely adore and has become my new holy grail. It is the Too Cool for School Jelly Blusher in Strawberry Chou. It’s a cream to powder hybrid and is beautiful for fair skin like mine. In the article, I read that Rachel Brosnahan swears by it. We have similar skin tones, so I knew it would work for me. And now, I want to purchase the rest of the shades.

Book Cover

Books: I was still reading The Actor’s Life by Jenna Fischer at this point and still enjoying it. I have since finished it and will review it in March’s Monthly Roundup.

Two woven straw baskets

Lifestyle: This was actually an obsession before February, but I became obsessed with shopping at HomeGoods. I LOVE THIS STORE!!! Not an understatement. The last couple of times I went in there, I discovered so many things that have made my life easier. One being BASKETS!! I have this tv table/console thing in my room and it was in some serious need of organization. I didn’t want to fill it with plastic boxes and stuff, so I thought baskets would do the trick. I was right! I have put all my art supplies and bullet journal stuff (not actually using a bullet journal anymore, but I still have the supplies) in them. The cabinet still needs some work, but it’s getting there. I also got one for under the bathroom sink.

TV Show/Movie: I watched one of the best TV movies I think I have ever watched. Of course this is my opinion, but who cares. It is called The Thing About Harry. It centers around the two main characters, Sam and Harry, who were high school classmates and enemies. They are forced to see each other when Harry needs a ride from Sam to go celebrate another former classmates’ engagement party (which happens to be on Valentine’s Day). It snowballs from there. It spans several Valentine’s Days throughout the years and how these two come together in each of them. I’m not synopsizing this well, but essentially eventually in the end they both realize that they’re meant to be together. I’m not one for celebrating, or even acknowledging Valentine’s Day but this was how I celebrated it. It was the anti-Valentine’s movie because it not only aired on the 15th, but it also showed how messy any relationship can be (friendships, romantic, etc.) regardless of all the things that get in the way. Yes, this is specifically a LGTBQ+ movie, but I think that everyone should watch it. I am not part of the community, but I am an ally. And like I said, I LOVED this movie! After watching it, I read an article that explained why this movie is so important. I’ll leave a link to the article here so you can read it because I CANNOT explain it any better than it does. It aired on Freeform, so if you have access to Hulu you can watch it there. Or, you can watch it directly on Freeform’s site.

That is basically all I can think of for this month. March’s Monthly Roundup (still not sure about this name) will be coming to you shortly. It’s gonna be quite a doozy! As you can imagine.

Jess xx

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