March Madness-March Monthly Roundup

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And not the good kind. Or the basketball kind.

March has been a doozy, hasn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the beginning of March was 100 years ago. I honestly can’t remember much of it. The one thing I do remember is being able to go pick up my brother for spring break. Luckily and fortunately, right before the world decided to just say, “Nope! Nope! Can’t do 2020 anymore!”, I got to bring my brother home. And a week later, we found out that Coronavirus was getting worse and turned into a pandemic. He is now home for the foreseeable. That is what I’m happy about. My brother and I are really close and when he’s away I do really miss him. If he would have been stuck at his apartment all that time, I would have just been worrying constantly.

Now, I don’t want to make this whole post about Coronavirus. If you’re like me, you have been trying to find ways to escape and not focus on the crazy going on in the world. Believe me, I am super aware of what’s going on but if I focus too much on it my anxiety and fear ramps up. Nobody needs that! So, now that I’ve said my piece, let’s move on.

First, how are you all doing? Keeping busy? Trying to adjust to the new normal? Oops! I said we’re gonna move on. Didn’t I? Well, now we’ll move on. But there might be an air of the dreaded topic.

What have I been doing the rest of March? I have been finding that I’m watching lots and lots of YouTube. I feel like I’m constantly catching up. I am super behind, but this time inside has helped. I have been working. My job consists of being online (I’m a cyber security analyst), so nothing about that routine is altered. I am a WFH kinda gal. I bought a bunch of art projects on Amazon. I say a bunch, but it’s really just two. I’ll list those later in the favorites section. I’ve also been on social media A LOT. More than I ever was before. But I feel like we all are. It’s how were staying connected to friends and family. I haven’t partaken in any of the Zooms or FaceTimes yet with my friends, but I’m working on that.

What else have I been doing online? I have filmed a bunch of small videos to put up on Instagram. Look out for those. They still need to be edited a bit before I release them into the world. Last week, I participated in a webinar about blogging that was put on by Helene Sula. Learned a lot and found it very helpful. Speaking of Helene. She is putting on a free Instagram training this week that I think that you should all join. The first video was released yesterday through email. It’s not too late to join!

I joined TikTok (jesslynnwrites) and have no clue what I’m doing on it. I am an older millennial on TikTok…This baffles me too! Lol! I have a few videos up, but they aren’t that great in my opinion. I guess I’m my own worst critic. I’m really just using it as a space to have fun.

Let’s see…what else? For the first time in weeks, I actually managed to put makeup on. I haven’t really looked forward to going out to the grocery store (when I need to) these days, but this last Saturday I went with my mom. I had felt like such a schlub for weeks that I decided to put some makeup on. And now that I have seen this written out, it’s a totally random thought. That is just how my brain works. More so than ever these days.

I honestly can’t think of anything else to say here, so I’m gonna move on to the things I was loving this month.

cup of hot lemon water, lemon, honey bottleabove view of cup of hot lemon water, lemon, and honey bottle

cup of coffee and naan bread on plate

above cup of coffee with naan bread toast on plate

Food: I started drinking hot lemon water and honey in the mornings before breakfast. I have no clue if it’s doing anything for my health, but I like it and it has become routine for me. This might be TMI, but it has made me pee a lot more. Sorry…So, so sorry. I also started eating mini naan breads with peanut butter and banana on them. I am OBSESSED! They make great snacks and breakfasts.

TV/Movie: No new movies, but a lot of TV. No! I have not started watching Tiger King yet. Don’t come after me! However, Roswell, New Mexico is back on the air and I’m a happy, happy girl. This show is SO good! And it has brought back my obsession with Michael Vlamis and his character Michael Guerin. Yes! He plays a character with the same name as him. I may or may not have a crush on one or the other or both of these men. Go check out my Twitter ramblings to see what I mean. Roswell is not the typical remake, but it is based off the Roswell books. Carina Adly McKenzie is a genius writer and made sure that it was an homage to the original in her own way. In fact, I love this version so much that I haven’t wanted to watch the original Roswell in fear that it would ruin my viewing of this new Roswell show. Just go watch it. There’s aliens, there’s intrigue, there’s hot cowboys. What more could you want?! The other show I have been LOVING is Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. I am a sucker for a good musical show and this one does it for me. Basically, Zoey develops these “super powers” after getting an MRI and hears people’s “heart songs.” None of these are my terms. These are the terms used in the show. The show is hilarious and heartwarming and really unexpected. You never know what’s gonna happen. It’s great!

an ad for an online course

Photo Credit: Helene Sula

Internet: I did mention Helene’s blogging webinar and Instagram training earlier, but I’m gonna mention it hear too. Last week, I joined her blogging webinar and it was fantastic as always. I learn sooo much from this woman! We learned some exciting things as well as practical tips for blogging. The premise of this webinar was that people are online more than ever now, especially now, and so this is the perfect time to be blogging. Or starting a blog. I agree wholeheartedly. Everyone has their unique voice and every one of those voices is valid. I sometimes think that the blogging universe is too saturated, but I instantly shake those thoughts away and remember that I have a unique voice to bring to the table. I’m sure a lot of you out there who have been thinking about starting blog, or have started one, think those same thoughts. Just know you’re not alone, but also those thoughts aren’t true. Now for the Instagram training. This week, Helene is putting on an Instagram training that you can sign up for right here. It’s free and is chock full of helpful tips and tricks. I know it seems I’m just raving about this woman’s expertise and everything she brings to us all willy nilly. And I know I might not sound genuine, but I truly am. I found her name and one of the first courses I ever took from her while watching Instastories one day. Her ad showed up between flipping between stories and I took a chance. Best decision I ever made! I have taken all the opportunities she has brought us, as in her community, ever since. I’m telling you, you won’t regret taking this online training. You won’t be losing anything either because it’s free. Okay, one last Internet thing and we’re done with this section. Back to Michael Vlamis. Last week, he released episodes (3) of his short called ‘Making It.’ It’s loosely, at least I think it is, based on how he got the role of Michael Guerin on Roswell and the journey he took to get there. It’s laugh out loud, spit take-worthy, buddy cop-esque, hilarious. If you like stupid humor and shorts, you will love this. It’s also just a great escape from the “real” world.

lipstick and mascara

open lipstick and mascara

Beauty: Honestly, my beauty favorites have been the same for months. There’s not much new here. However, I do have a new/old mascara love. It’s the Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara in brown. I wanted a brown mascara for those everyday, more natural makeup looks and Covergirl seems to be the only drugstore brand that carries brown mascaras. The only other favorite I have is a lipstick that I am slowly falling in love with. It’s the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 in JK Magic. This is my first ever CT purchase (well, big purchase) and I’m glad it was. This is the perfect nude color. Now, I usually go for pinky nudes because I find them more flattering. This one is a peachy nude and it’s just as, if not more so, flattering. Plus, the packaging is *chef’s kiss* amazing. I mean look at it!

photo of a book cover

Photo Credit: Audible

Books: I have started ‘Lilac Girls’ because I have joined a virtual book club. You might be able to guess who’s it is. Yep, you guessed it! Helene started a virtual book club and this is the first book. I’m actually listening to it on Audible and enjoying it so far. I don’t want to give away too much, so I’ll just say that the story is told from three perspectives (Lilac Girls) and takes place during WWII.

art projects

Art Projects: I said I would mention what art projects I got from Amazon, so here ya go. I bought an adult paint by number of an elephant. It’s super hard, super tedious right now (it’s mostly different shades of grey), and super relaxing. I started it last Saturday and just gonna work on it when I feel like it. I also bought a MUCH easier embroidery project. Haven’t started this one yet. I will try to link these exact items, but if I can’t find them I will find similar ones.

You know? I never know how to end my blog posts. It’s always just so awkward for me. Do I even need an ending line or two? I just don’t know.

Jess xx

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Athena’s Child
Lilac Girls
The Actor’s Life
The Afterlife of Walter Augustus
#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
Athena’s Child
Lilac Girls
The Actor’s Life
The Afterlife of Walter Augustus
#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
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