Feeling a bit wanderlusty. Daydreaming of far off places.

I am not a travel blogger by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve always wanted to travel the world. You could say I have bit of the fernweh. What’s fernweh you ask? Basically it’s wanderlust. I have always longed to visit places I’ve never been too. Especially since the only other country I’ve been to is Canada. And that was when I was a baby, so I don’t remember any of it. I think at this point in quarantine/lockdown, we all feel a bit wanderlusty. Even if it’s just to go to the places we used to frequent most often.

There have always been many places I wanted to visit on my mental travel bucket list, but I thought we would start with my top three European destinations. Those are Greece, England, & France. Not necessarily in that order when I finally get to visit them.

Let’s start with Greece, shall we?

Santorini greece hillside

Photo Credit: Alex Azabache (From Pexels)


I don’t think Greece has always been at the top of my list, but when I was back in college all those years ago my uncle and I talked of visiting there together. It has never happened, but I hope one day I make it there. I also think watching the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants kind of spurred that want, lol! The Greek island is big and has lots of places I could visit, but I have narrowed it down to a few. I would love to visit Santorini and Mykonos for sure. And of course, there is Athens and all the other cities. Why Santorini and Mykonos. Santorini because every time I see a picture or see a vlog from someone who has traveled there, I fall in love every single time. Mykonos because I watched a vlog from Zoe Sugg once and she made it seem so nice and beautiful and lovely to visit. Another reason I want to visit Greece is the culture and history. For some reason, I think since 6th grade (we did a unit on Greek gods and stuff), I’ve always been into Grecian history and culture. I love reading about the Greek gods and philosophers. I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to that stuff. I haven’t read everything there is to know about these two aspects, but I’m working my way through it. I think visiting Athens would scratch that itch. I mean it is the capital and it is where all of this happened!

Next is England.

London skyline

Photo Credit: Pixabay (From Pexels)


This country has been on my list for ages. Most people don’t know this about me, but I’ve been obsessed with anything to do with England. It started when I read Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging when I was younger. Since then, I have loved everything culture, tv shows, music, you name it. Now, I am watching a bunch of YouTubers who hail from this country and it just makes me want to visit even more. Not because of them, but because what I have seen in their vlogs and other videos. I literally want to visit every nook and cranny of England. London, the countryside, Brighton, the seashores. Everywhere! I have no real connection to this place other than the desire to visit just because. Well, that’s not exactly true. My uncle has been in charge of researching our genealogy and he found a very, very distant relative who lived in London. I don’t know what it is about this place, but it has my heart.

Finally, France.

French countryside town

Photo Credit: Pierre Blaché (From Pexels)


You might think that I want to visit the city of lights and love, and you would be right. But, I want to visit the French countryside more than I want to visit Paris. Yes, I would like to spend a little time in Paris, but I would like to spend most of time in the countryside cities of France. When I was in junior high, I took French and we study the different parts of these cities in regards to architecture and influences. Ever since then, I’ve dreamt of visiting them. I feel like we don’t hear enough about how beautiful and nice these places are to visit. Most people are always talking about Paris. We hear the normal stereotypes of Paris citizens being a bit rude. Now I can’t talk to that. That’s what I’ve heard, but I have also heard that it’s better to visit the countryside because people tend to be nicer. Is this true? I’m gonna take the word of those people I’ve heard and read from.


There are so much more of Europe I want to visit, but these are at the tippy top of my wanderlust list. And ever since this quarantine started, I have felt the urge to travel even more. There are so many places of the world, and my own country, I haven’t explored yet. I hope I get the chance. Should I do a top list of the US next? Let me know!


Jess xx

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